What is GuacamoleID?

As a business executive or an IT team member, you know how important it is to comply with federal or state privacy laws. You are responsible for protecting confidential company records, medical records, financial records or legal documents from unauthorized access. But how can you ensure that your employees’ PC workstations are secure when they leave their desks? Do you trust them to log out every time they step away? Do you rely on an inactivity timer that can be easily bypassed by a mouse movement or a key press? Do you want to risk exposing sensitive data to prying eyes and facing legal consequences?
If you answered no to any of these questions, then you need GuacamoleID from Hummingbirds AI. GuacamoleID is an innovative patented PC workstation AI-based security software that effortlessly secures your employees’ PCs when they walk away. It is the only field-proven walk-away PC security solution using continuous face matching to secure your PCs from access by unauthorized users.
GuacamoleID works by using a group of vision AI algorithms that process the webcam footage in real time and uniquely identify each user as they enter an adjustable active zone in front of the PC workstation. If they are authorized, they are logged in to the PC workstation automatically. If they are not, they are denied access. When the user walks away and exits the active zone, GuacamoleID automatically secures the computer so that no one else can access it. Your employees do not need to remember to log out or tap out. They just need to walk away and let GuacamoleID do the rest.
GuacamoleID is configurable to meet your organization’s workflow requirements. It can integrate with your existing authentication systems, such as Active Directory, LDAP, SSO or biometrics. It can also support multiple users per workstation, such as shared PCs or hot desks. It can even work offline, in case of network outage or remote work.
GuacamoleID is the ultimate solution for PC workstation security. It saves you time, money and hassle. It boosts your productivity, compliance and peace of mind. It protects your data, reputation and bottom line.
But that’s not all. GuacamoleID also offers other benefits for your organization, such as:

  • Improving productivity and efficiency: GuacamoleID eliminates the need for manual login and logout procedures, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Your employees can focus on their tasks without interruption or distraction. They can also switch between workstations seamlessly, without having to re-enter their credentials or wait for authentication.
  • Enhancing user experience and satisfaction: GuacamoleID provides a smooth and convenient user experience for your employees. They can enjoy a personalized and secure access to their PC workstations, without having to remember passwords or carry tokens. They can also feel confident that their data is safe and protected, even when they are away from their desks.
  • Reducing IT costs and maintenance: GuacamoleID reduces the need for IT support and intervention, as it automates the PC workstation security process and minimizes the risk of human error or negligence. It also lowers the hardware and software costs, as it does not require any additional devices or licenses. It can run on any standard webcam and PC workstation.

Don’t let your employees’ PC workstations be a weak link in your security strategy. Get GuacamoleID from Hummingbirds AI today and secure your PCs when you walk away.